Tips for Understanding Vaping

Vaping is relatively new in the culture today, so there’s only so much known about its long-term effects. Some of the reports you read will likely say that it’s harmless while others will tell you that it’s just as bad — if not worse — than smoking. So what’s the real truth? And why would people vape when they can use a tincture or eat a gummy bear? If you’re new to CBD oil, get the bigger picture on how it all works before you decide to order a vaporizer.

Vaping Isn’t Harmless

Unfortunately, we’re starting with a bit of bad news. It’s a lot better for your lungs than directly inhaling smoke, but it isn’t harmless. Studies show that vaping has the biggest impact on younger people who vape extremely hot liquids. If you’re over 20 and buy a vaporizer that can properly distribute the oil into your system (without causing the oil to figuratively boil over), then your body should be shielded from the worst of the effects. Still, vaping isn’t for everyone, so make sure that you’re paying attention to how your body is reacting when inhaling. If you’re starting to feel ill or coughing a little too much, you may need to switch to a different method.

Vaping Is Efficient

When you eat CBD oil in edible form, your bloodstream is really only getting about 15% of the actual CBD oil, meaning your body is filtering out the rest. So while it’s nice to know that your liver is doing its job, it’s not exactly nice to know that you’re wasting $.85 of every dollar. The CBD oil that gets into your blood can still be powerful enough to work, but if you’re looking for something more effective, then you might want to try vaping. Because vaping gets into your bloodstream immediately, it doesn’t go through the organ’s version of a car wash — stripping the CBD oil down to 15% of its original potency. So when you vape, you can get up to 4 times more than you would have originally gotten if you had eaten something.

Vaping Isn’t as Good as Smoking

Some people still prefer to smoke CBD oil, even though it has the overall worst effects on your lungs than any of the other types of method. This is because smoking typically has an even higher absorption rate than that of CBD oil. For some, it may be the key to getting the relief they need. For those who are looking to score the best bargain or who don’t use CBD oil very often, smoking may be the option that makes the most sense.

Making the Choice

What it really comes down to is that people are really creatures of habit. If you started vaping, it’s going to be hard to switch to edibles. If you’re comfortable with tinctures, it would be hard to switch to smoking. Vaping is a personal preference, and thankfully there are ways to safeguard your body from potential catastrophe.

Believe it or not, nanotechnology is really the best way to get CBD oil into your body (up to 10 times more effective than regular oil), so that you can get the most from every last drop of oil you buy. This revolutionary technology breaks CBD oil down into tiny particles and uses a special catalyst to allow water and oil to merge together (we know, it’s hard to believe.) But this method involves tinctures, and not everyone loves tinctures.

If you do choose to vape, CBD American Shaman has a sleek Inhaler Battery that gives you the perfect 8-second puff. This allows you to get a steady dose each and every time, which can make it easier to determine the right dosage for you. This battery works perfectly with all of our cartridges so that you never have to worry about getting the oil you need to get the relief you crave!

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