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Willie Nelson strums his way into the CBD business

The world cafe caught up with Willie Nelson about a year ago and he’s been busy. Recently, Willie Nelson released an album, which was produced by his producer-collaborator, Buddy Cannon. The new album is titled Ride Me Back Home. In February, he won a Grammy Award for the release of his Frank Sinatra tribute album, My Way. In addition to these achievements, Willie had expanded his tentacles and added health and wellness to his brand, which is a CBD-infused coffee. It will be called “Willie’s Remedy”.

A 8-ounce cup of Willie’s coffee contains about 7mg of canabidiol. The coffee beans are soaked in full spectrum hemp oil right after roasting. This allows them to take in the CBD while they cure. Willie told a number of stories about what has happened recently with him and his new songs, including his escapades. He likewise recalled his hangout in Amsterdam with Snoop Dogg, his visit to the White House to meet President Carter and his wife, Annie concerning a movie he was shooting with other Highwaymen. Before the show, we were able to meet with some of the backstage crew of Willie and these people included Tom Hawkins “Tunin”, who’s responsible for taking care of Willie’s favorite guitar and trigger on the road

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