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Don’t take Cannabidiol (CBD) products into the UAE, the UK government recommends travelers

Your beard oil or shampoo/conditioner could get you into a serious problem in the UAE (United Arab Emirates).— (CNN)

This was the UK government’s advice to travelers to the Emirates — a nation with a policy of zero tolerance for bringing drugs to the land.

Although the United Arab Emirates’ strict views on drug trafficking are well renowned, the United Kingdom (Foreign and Commonwealth Office – FCO) this week warned travelers that even if they don’t see the drug, it doesn’t imply it’s not there.

In particular, the FCO warns that “some skincare products and E-cigarette refills may contain ingredients that are illegal in the UAE, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.” Cannabidiol (CBD) oil contains cannabidiol, a component found in the cannabis (marijuana)  plant and sometimes utilized for pain relief.

It can be purchased legally in most  European Union countries, as long as it has a limited quantity of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive element in cannabis (marijuana) — ie, the one that gets users high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil without THC has gained popularity as an ingredient in cosmetics, thanks to claims it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) include soaps, moisturizers, eyeliners and lipsticks and are legally sold in most European countries and the United States.

Though, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office reminds travelers that fetching even the smallest quantity of an illegal drug into the United Arab Emirates can cause a jail sentence of at least 4 years.

And it’s not just carrying drugs that are illegal. According to the FCO, Emirati authorities count the presence of drugs in the bloodstream as a possession.

What about those only transiting through Dubai? The Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns that “UAE airports have excellent security and technology, so transiting travelers carrying even residual quantities of drugs possibly arrested.”

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