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The Sharon Kelly Story: How She Beat Her Lung Cancer With CBD Oil

This is the story of 58-year-old Sharon Kelly, a wife, and mother who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in December 2013. She was given no possibility of survival and said she would just have months to live. Fortunately, the decisions she would make would show her “doctors” wrong.

On December 16th, 2013 Sharon started complaining of a small pain on her left side around her ribs. She had gotten a relaxing massage therapy on the previous week so she thought that must be an outcome of the massage. As the days went on the pain risen and when she took a deep breath Sharon started to have dreadful pain in that same place. So she was determined to get checked out and in December 2013 Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with a non-small cell lung tumor.

By the midst of January 2014, the situation has become worse. The Doctors told Sharon cancer had spread to the lining of her lung & lymph nodes and they classified it as stage IV Terminal Lung Cancer. She was given only 6-9 months to live. She asked if anything could be done like radiation or an operation but she was coldly said: “the horse has bolted and was way too late to do something”. They told Sharon they do not offer radiation therapy for stage 4 lung cancer. Sharon was even told that chemo was “not really worth doing” as it would only make her sicker.The specialists were more concerned with her enjoying the “short-lived” she had left than actually working to help her live. They had given up on her upon their examination and it was clear to Sharon they didn’t seem to want to cure her.

Sharon had a 5cm primary tumor in her left lung (pictured in the CT scan to the left). Sharon had a number of lymph nodes (limf node A small bean-shaped structure that is part of the body’s immune system)  in her chest that were cancerous as well as a lymph node in the base of her neck was inflamed with cancer. She had considerable fluid around her heart which they said was a tumor in the plura lining of the left lung. Sharon knew NOTHING about CBD (cannabis oil) at this point. By the end of January, the doctors had still yet to start any therapy for Sharon. They were still working to get a biopsy of the original tumor to test Sharon for EGFR mutation. She asked they do something, so they finally agreed to start chemo, almost 60 days after being diagnosed.

Sharon experienced through 2 cycles of chemo before she tested positive to the EGFR mutation. This implied she would no longer be remedied with the first chemo Sharon was given but would be put on a chemo pill called Tarceva. She was told that the Tarceva could just slow down the spread of cancer. They told her that there had been some cases of the Tarceva shrinking cancer, but not many, and that it only works for a short time. Over time the tumor would come back, but maybe much worse. The Tarceva – is a cancer drug utilized in non‑small-cell lung tumors (NSCLC) that is advanced (TUMOR has started to spread)- was only given to help extend her life. She was given no hope of surviving and was sent back by her “specialists” to die.

With any options left or no hope, Sharon’s youngest son turned to the internet in the hope of getting some answers. After seeing some of the testimonials from people who have had success with CBD (cannabis oil), like Stan Rutner who beat his lung cancer with CBD (cannabis oil), Sharon’s son called his mother and suggested she try CBD (cannabis oil) since there was nothing else left. Luckily Sharon was open-minded to the CBD (cannabis oil) therapy and agreed to give it a try. What did she have to lose?

Sharon started her CBD (cannabis oil) therapy on February 26, 2014. Her husband Neville made her first batch of oil for her. You can learn to make CBD (cannabis oil) for yourself on our “Make the Oil” page. Sharon started her CBD (cannabis oil) doses small but still struggled with tiredness she got from it. She was taking about a rice grain under the tongue every 3 hrs with a bigger one before bed. Along with the CBD (cannabis oil), Sharon started to juice fresh cannabis leaves and bud every morning and added that to her “super smoothie”.

By May of 2014, Sharon had learned about CBD (cannabis oil) suppositories. She was still having difficulty with cannabis oil causing her to become tired when Sharon took it orally. She found that by taking CBD (cannabis oil) as a suppository it did not give her the tired feeling it gave her when she took the oil orally under her tongue. Using suppositories she was finally able to take the full 1 gram of oil per day that is recommended for aggressive cancers. She stabilized on suppositories being the most useful application for her. To make her suppository she would mix her CBD (cannabis oil) with organic Coconut Oil. She would mix ½ CBD (cannabis oil) and ½ coconut oil putting it in a syringe and administering it as the “up and in” method which Sharon calls it. Sharon was eventually able to take 1½ to 2 grams of CBD (cannabis oil) as a suppository spaced out evenly throughout her day. Sharon took a bigger than dosage under the tongue before bed which would be guaranteed her a good night’s sleep.

Another very powerful step she took in killing her tumor was starting on a great alkalizing diet. She ate next to no red meat, no dairy, no bread or grains, no sugar, no processed foods, no artificial sweeteners.      Sharon would eat a slice of organic mango three times a week. She had read that it aided clean the CBD receptors. She would also have a “super smoothie” each morning. Her daily smoothie would include a variety of kale, celery, squash, carrots, a whole beetroot, lots of fresh greens, ½ an orange, ½ a granny smith apple, asparagus, fresh ginger root, and 1 tbsp fresh turmeric root.  She also added these to her diet: Bio-Pure Whey Protein, Spirulina,a Cacao Powder, Chia, Hemp Protein, Hemp Oil, Teas (Tulsi, Licorice, Green, Gotu, Nettle), Pomegranate Juice, Grape juice, Cinnamon, Organic frozen mixed berries, Ground flaxseed (linseed), lypo-spheric Vit C 3 times a day, also oxygen drops in her filtered water several times a day all the while keeping to a low carb diet. There are a lot of great places online to find recipes for an alkaline diet.  The Alkaline Sisters is a great place to start.

Sharon revealed shrinkage of her cancer with every scan taken at 2-month intervals. By July the primary tumor was only 2.1cm, down from 5cm in December of 2013, and all the lymph nodes were now normal size. The fluid that was around her heart was gone and the plura in the lining of the lung as the doctors described it “seemed to be gone”. So what she was doing seemed to be constantly fighting.

On Sep 3, 2014, She had her 2nd CT scan and she would get her best new yet. Sharon’s recently scan found that there were no active tumor cells in her body. Sharon was cancer-free after only 7 months on the CBD (cannabis oil). Sharon’s oncologist was bewildered with the results. The oncologist said this was new territory for her as she had never heard of  “Full Metabolic Response” on Tarceva, EVER. In the beginning, Sharon did mention to the oncologist she was looking into medical cannabis (marijuana). The oncologist was very cautious and told Sharon there were no studies done of cannabis (marijuana) use while on Tarceva and cannabis (marijuana) could work against the Tarceva. Sharon believes the oncologist knows about cannabis (marijuana) use because Sharon told the oncologist she would be “doing things herself at home”, but it was never mentioned again.  The oncologist continued to say (she has never been here before” and that “there is no cure for lung cancer but Sharon is in the best place she could ever wish to be).They are only now describing the original tumor scar tissue. Sharon is now 100% CANCER FREE. Sharon’s “doctors” cannot explain it.

It has now been a long time since the diagnosis and she is still here. Sharon gives God and CBD (cannabis oil) the credit for her amazing recovery.  If she had listened to what her “doctors” told her, she would have gone home and waited to die. Instead, Sharon and her husband took a chance on alternative therapy and took her life into their own hands. If not for taking that chance she would no longer be with us. Sharon will have another PET scan in January.  It will be astonishing to see what the doctors have to tell when she is still cancer-free. Please check back for updates.





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