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Can CBD oil help with liver disease?

If you wanted another reason to switch booze for buds, study shows CBD could have a profound impact in the therapy of liver disease. At least 30-million Americans have some kind of liver disease. In fact, liver disease was listed at the twelfth most popular cause of death in the United States. Liver disease affects millions of lives around the world. Meanwhile, research shows CBD only alleviates inflammation and pain but also restores liver functioning. This is huge! When the liver becomes seriously damaged, it loses the capacity to heal itself. Here’s what you must to know about the liver disease and CBD.

CBD Oil improved liver function in a fulminate hepatic failure-induced form of hepatic encephalopathy in mice, reduced hepatic ischemia-reperfusion-induced injury both in rats and mice, attenuated alcohol-binge-induced injury in rats and hepatotoxicity of cadmium and cocaine.

In 2005, researchers from HUMS found that Cannabidiol help modulates inflammatory responses along with vascular changes.

The study revealed Endocannabinoid system is crucial to neurological functioning and beneficial for people suffering from liver diseases such as fibrosis and cirrhosis.

The Scientists from the study concluded:

“Endocannabinoids System appear to be involved in several aspects of chronic and acute liver disease, including vascular changes, modulation of the neurological function and inflammatory process.”

A 2011 study published in Cell Death and Disease revealed CBD (one of the various Cannabinol found in cannabis) plays a vital role in the therapy of liver disease. Over the course of an 8-month period, rats were fed growing concentrations of different Cannabinol Oil “CBD”.

Astonishingly, the researchers found that Cannabinol Oil induced hepatic stellate cells or apoptosis in HSCs. HCSs are responsible for the growth of scar tissue in the liver.

Other words, Cannabinol “CBD Oil” killed harmful cells that drive to the progression of liver disease

Granted, this research did not include human subjects. Nevertheless, the results are telling, particularly when we look at the research as a whole.

Just take the research published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, for example. In the research, researchers analyzed the effects of Cannabinol “CBD Oil” on hepatic encephalopathy, a neuropsychiatric disorder caused by chronic or acute liver failure.

Through the study, mice were injected with thioacetamide or either saline. Thioacetamide is a substance that induces liver fibrosis in rats. The animals were treated with either Cannabinol “CBD Oil” or a vehicle (a substance equivalent to Cannabinol, minus the active component)

The researchers found that only Cannabinol “CBD Oil” restored neurological and cognitive functioning impaired in thioacetamide-treated mice. In fact, Cannabinol “CBD Oil” was able to recover normal liver functioning in the rats experiencing liver failure. Upon finishing the research, the researchers concluded: “Cannabinol” “CBD Oil” recover liver function, normalizes 5-HT levels. Therefore, the effects of Cannabinol “CBD Oil” may result from a combination of its actions in the liver.

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