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How CBD oil is helping people deal with Eczema

So, how does Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  work with eczema particularly?Well, eczema as a situation causes the skin to become inflamed, itchy and red periodically, resulting in a huge amount, of dead skin cells lingering on your skin, forming possible infection and inflammation.Cannabidiol “CBD”  helps with this because it works amazingly well with the endocannabinoid system that exists within the skin.

Various researches, such as the CBD and Pain: A Clinical Review study conducted by Hill et al.*, have found that Cannabidiol “CBD” interacts with the CB(1&2) receptors within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that lies within the skin. Upon interaction with those receptors, the ECS begins modulating the reproduction rate of healthy skin cells, allowing dead or infected skin tissue to more easily be dealt with and replaced.

Also, a 2007 research announced in the Journal of Dermatological Science* discovered that Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  is able to more specifically cure eczema, as the ECS within the skin works hard to balance the rate of skin death and growth. When attacked by eczema, the system is fully disrupted, causing the myriad of irritations and rashes on the skin.The researchers discovered that the use of Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” resulted in far fewer eruptions of irritable outbursts, and even when outbursts did occur, their severity was greatly lessened. This means that not only could Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  help mitigate the symptoms of an outburst, it might also really work to prevent eruptions altogether, That through a better balance of the ECS and altogether more healthy skin. To make it even better, Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” could help with another serious problem caused by eczema: inflammation.

Cannabidiol “CBD”  may have the possibility to significantly stop inflammation (eczema) from forming or spreading in the first place. Research conducted by Carrier et al.* discovered that Cannabidiol “CBD” uniquely targets the main Adenosine receptor, called A2A. When targeted by Cannabidiol “CBD”, the body is essentially tricked into stopping inflammation in affected areas. This is because inflammation is the body’s way of isolating and drawing attention to an infected area of the body, similar to the fever response when you get sick from an infection.

Cannabidiol “CBD” may possess this ability to trick the body, telling the autoimmune response that actually, everything is fine, don’t worry, there’s no want to go ahead and annoy the sufferer and inflame this large patch of skin. This is remarkably related to how common painkillers work to choke the body’s pain response – by otherwise dampening the normal receptors or tricking the body that causes the response, you can make your body stop giving you inflammation and massive pains. In this way, using Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  to cure eczema is tantamount to taking a painkiller for a headache – you diminish the negative signs, such as inflammation or pain, without causing your body any severe damage such as when you take more addictive, heavy duty treatment like opioid painkillers.

How to Treat Eczema with Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”.

There are various options available to anyone who wishes to use Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” to treat eczema. The most obvious way of use is topical. The skin appears to tolerate Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” well, so irritation is unlikely. But mixing it with a different product which you know your skin can tolerate is safest. Applying Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” in a gel can be a good method of getting your usual gel to the affected area with the added bonus of Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”. You can simply add a few drops of Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” to your usual amount of lotion in the palm of your hand and mix it around with your finger. This sort of topical therapy means that you can focus the effects of Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” on an exact area of skin.

Some cases who suffer from eczema may prefer to ingest Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  instead. Ingesting the oil is very simply done nowadays thanks to the wide range of Cannabidiol “CBD Oil”  edibles which are available on the market. For some patients, a simple Cannabidiol “CBD Oil” capsule taken with their morning cup of coffee is the easiest choice.